About us

Similan Diving Tours is a small team of enthusiastic and professional British and Thai nationals. We are scuba divers, web designers, and service-minded customer relations staff. Although our team is small, our range of services is huge, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unbeatable. This customer-based policy is what has enabled us to grow so rapidly. The company was created in 2007, but first focussed on land-based tours in Bangkok. Since 2013 we have been attracting divers from around the world through word-of-mouth recommendation and returning guests. Our websites are easily found on search engines, and even easier to navigate to find all the relevant information you need.

Our Philosophy

Quality customer service! We try to give our divers the best service, best choice, best price, and free merchandise. Our customers always come first, but we also maintain excellent working relationships with all of our operators. We strive to be ‘The Good Guys’ in everyone’s eyes! We are honest in every way, such as publishing all of our guests’ trip reviews on our pages, instead of only choosing to publish the good ones. We feel that our competitors in the market only select the good boat reviews to publish on their websites.

Our Team

We are a small team, but we like it that way. Soon & slowly we will expand, but only when we are 100% sure that anyone who joins us can follow our philosophy, methods, service and work ethic. The person guests & dive centres with is Jamie, who deals with all communications. However, behind the scenes are vital team members who keep everything up to date, control social media, and do much more. Without them, things would be very different.


JamieJamie is from England but he has lived in Thailand for 25 years. He’s an avid diver and so are his daughters. If you contact us on email or any of the chat applications, you will normally be dealing with Jamie. Although he has done over 600 dives, Jamie is a very lazy diver who only dives for fun. From October to May every year he’s glued to the computer to answer emails. From May to October, he has more free time.
IanIan is from the Wales UK, and he also lived in Thailand for nearly 20 years. Ian built all the websites, and he maintains & updates them every day. This way the public can browse the pages, and those who are logged in can enjoy a seamless experience. Ian also handles some of the marketing campaigns. Ian enjoys finishing marathons & triathlons, more than actually doing them.
PoomPoom is Thai, and she lives in both the UK & Thailand. She does some of the social media work. She’s also our Thai/English translation specialist. Somehow Poom fits all this in with working for The Red Cross.
ÁlvaroÁlvaro Herrero is our first sponsored photographer. He was born in Spain. He started snorkelling at 5 years old, and started photography at 8 years old. He has worked as a diving instructor, a commercial & cave diver and an underwater photographer in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. He has had his work published in various journals and been recognized in the prestigious GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition 2017 and 2018
KevinKevin is one of our sponsored photographers currently based in his home country, The Philippines. He started his professional diving career as an underwater photographer and videographer in Indonesia in 2014 and he hasn’t stopped since. With an amazing portfolio, he just wants to strive to become better and bigger.
BertaBerta is our latest sponsored social media blogger. She is a professional diver, diving model, and all-round cool chick! She comes from Spain, she is a vegetarian and she does lots of work to promote environmentally-friendly activities. Her favourite dive site is Richelieu Rock and her favourite marine animal is the Manta Ray. Berta is happy being able to go diving every day.
GoyGoy is Thai. Her duties are mainly clerical, and logistics. If you got your free t-shirt, dry bag or beach towel, Goy was the one who took care of that. Goy also makes sure that expenses are managed properly and costs kept under control. Goy can scuba dive, but when she sees all the fish she wants to eat them, so we try to keep her out of the water!
HollyHolly is a teenage diver who got her Advanced certification when she was just 12! She has been on several of our liveaboard trips and already logged nearly 100 dives. She just loves Richelieu Rock! Holly helps with keeping the boats’ schedules up to date and replying to some emails during her school holidays. With a huge Instagram following, Holly also promotes our pages with her images and ‘stories.’
HenryHenry is our newest team member and more of a mascot than anything else! He joined us in 2019, when he was less than 3 months old. Other than guarding the merchandise, Henry doesn’t really contribute to the running of the business. In fact, he disturbs us by needing exercise and attention and sometimes sleeping on laptop keyboards! He can’t dive, but he can bark!


 Our Services

More than 90% of the services we offer are scuba diving liveaboard cruises to the Similan (& Surin) National Marine Parks. Even though most of the boats you see on our pages run ‘scheduled’ liveaboard cruises, we also have lots of boats available for full-charter bookings. Our most popular boats are ‘flexible liveaboards’ because most of our divers want shorter trips or trips that perfectly fit their vacation schedule. We also have some day-trip boats on our pages, but most trips we sell are liveaboard cruises. Also, during the low season we offer short liveaboard cruises from Phuket to Phi Phi and the surrounding area. And throughout the year we have trips in Indonesia, Maldives & Egypt.

Our Dive Operators

Even though we offer more boats and trips than any other Similan diving agent, we still carefully choose our operators. To ensure that you get the best choice and quality, we make sure that we only offer trips run by properly-certified and registered companies. Most of our teams are based in Khao Lak, but some are in Phuket and a few in Ranong. All of the dive operators whose services we offer maintain their boats and equipment regularly and have licenced vessels, with safety equipment and valid insurance. There are some operators who we choose not to deal with, which is why you may see their boats on other websites, but not ours.

Our Offers

In addition to the widest range of ‘best-price guaranteed’ Similan liveaboard diving trips, we offer all our liveaboard guests a free t-shirt, plus those who share our pages can choose from a dry bag or beach towel as an additional gift. We’re constantly in touch with all of our operators, and any special offers, such as last-minute or early-bird discounts, are published on our pages immediately.

Our Reputation

We are not big in terms of staff, but our reputation among the public and dive operators is huge, and one we are very proud of. Every dive centre that we work with knows us well and trusts us completely. This helps a great deal when need a favour. Our guests around the world come back time and again, plus they recommend us to friends, family, and even to strangers. Because of our philosophy to always put the customers first and our work ethic, our excellent reputation continues to grow every year!

Why Book With Us

  • Best-price guarantee, AND FREE gifts.
  • A personal service, online nearly 24/7! It’s not the same as booking a hotel or a flight. For safety reasons, it’s impossible to complete a booking instantly online, as some other websites claim to offer. Each boat has different criteria regarding diver details & experience. We’re here to help you do that.
  • We don’t ask for any payment or your card details until you are ready to confirm your booking.
  • We offer each boat’s booking & payment policy. Some other websites have standardised terms, asking for full payment, but many boats’ payment terms are a 20-30% deposit, and the balance paid on arrival.
  • Our Thailand-based staff are experts about local logistics, the dive sites & all the boats.
  • Our team are always online to answer your questions. We always respond the same day, usually within a few minutes. Customer service is everything!
  • Boat reviews on our pages include all reviews left by our guests, not just the positive ones which we select.
  • Customer service is everything! For example, if a trip is cancelled, we will ensure you can choose between an alternative similar trip or a full & unconditional refund.

We do

We do give every guest a FREE T-shirt & wristband, plus a choice of a dry-bag or beach towel.

We do give you the best price you can get plus FREE goodies mentioned above

We do reserve your space free of charge. [Caution sign] 99% of liveaboard bookings cannot be booked and paid for instantly, so don’t believe other websites. Bookings have to be checked with the dive boat first. We do this and reserve your space and there is no obligation to pay for any of the trip unless you wish to continue with the booking

We do have a local team based in Thailand. We have both Thai and Western staff who are experienced and know the Similan Islands, the dive sites and the boats. You can see our reviews on TripAdvisor, or here on our site

We do have customer service staff who are always ready to answer any questions you have.

In an unfortunate event such as a cancelled trip we always do our very best to find you a new trip or an alternative of your choice.

We don’t

We don’t take any money or credit card details just to reserve a trip. Through us it is absolutely FREE.

We don’t leave emails for days. We always respond within a few hours, usually minutes, at any time of day, month or year.

We don’t choose not to publish any less-positive guest reviews on our pages. Although 95+% of the reviews are very positive, we feel it’s fair and honest to publish all reviews. Other online agents appear to only publish the better reviews.



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