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Scuba diving at the Similan Islands in Thailand is a wonderful experience, and for sure Thailand’s best diving area. This mini archipelago is more than 60km (38 miles) from the nearest point of the mainland, and therefore takes time to reach. Speedboats can make the journey in about an hour and a half, and larger dive boats take several hours. At the Similan Islands there are no piers, no ATMs, no hotels, and only a government-run souvenir shop with a few huts and tents for non-diving visitors. All divers at the Similan islands arrive by boat, and stay for 1 day to a week or more, diving some of the most beautiful and popular dive sites in the world. These include one of Jacques Cousteau’s favourites: Richelieu Rock. Choosing how long to enjoy your Similan diving trips usually depends on several factors, which usually include your holiday schedule and your budget. Of course, longer trips cost more money, but if compared with shorter trips ‘per dive’ then the longer the trip, the lower the cost per dive. Our Similan diving trips range in length from 1 day offering 2 dives and a speedboat transfer to more than one week, but the most popular trips are 3 days or 4 days in length. Selecting how long your Similan diving trip should be of course depends on each individual’s needs, such as the price, how much time you have available and how much diving you want to do. There are enough excellent diving sites out there to easily spend several days without getting bored or repeating dive sites unnecessarily.

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