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Similan Islands Liveaboards Thailand: 9 out of 10 based on 200 scuba diver ratings.


Here is where we post articles which may be of interest to anyone who is interested in Similan Islands diving. From time to time we are able to offer substantial discounts for last-minute bookings or well in advance which can be found on our Similan Islands Special offers page. In addition, there’s season-long Similan Islands information that can enable divers and potential divers to better understand their different options when choosing a Similan liveaboard. This isn’t just about being in the water, either. Some people like to travel on a budget, and others like to pay for minimum inconvenience. We try our best to give as many details as possible in order for those wanting to dive in the Similan Islands or Richelieu Rock to make the best decision that suits their needs. Finally, there is a section for relevant news topics which may affect (or not) the diving situation in and around the Similan Islands. It’s not uncommon for those in other countries and continents to hear something on the news and worry (or not) unnecessarily. Our news section is impartial and honest at all times.

Scuba Diving After Flying is Ok but Not Flying After Diving introThe most-common potential injury from scuba diving is Decompression Sickness, which is caused by excess nitrogen in the body. This is usually caused by unsafe diving profiles, or flying in a plane too soon after scuba diving. Scuba diving after flying is ok, but not flying after diving. This page explains the safety parameter guidelines, plus general advice to avoid any potential health issues caused by scuba diving.

Some Interesting Facts About Clown Fish introEven before the 2003 Pixar movie, Finding Nemo, the Clown Fish was already a diver’s favourite. They are colourful, active, easy to spot, and very photogenic. Clown Fish are among the most-popular fish at The Similans and there are actually several similar species, and divided opinion about which species Nemo is based on. There are also several other ‘facts’ about these fish which haven’t been confirmed by science yet.

learn to dive in thailandDivers around the world have their own opinion and experience of where is the best place to learn to scuba dive, often referred to as ‘Do your PADI.’ While some believe the better dive sites should be enjoyed after some experience, others disagree. The Similan Islands in Thailand are among the Top 10 dive locations in the world, and easily the best in Thailand. However, learning to dive at the Similan Islands is not as easy as it used to be, and unless you commit to joining a liveaboard diving cruise, the cost is much higher than other places in Thailand. To do your PADI Similan Islands learn to scuba dive in Thailand this page has some helpful information that may enable potential divers to better plan their vacation.

DCS the most common serious diving injury is often called The Bends introRecreational scuba diving is very a safe activity for people of nearly all ages. However, there are a few risks which mean that safe scuba diving practice is important to prevent incidents. Some people may presume that running out of air or being attacked by a shark are common risks, but these are extremely unlikely. DCS (Decompression Sickness), the most common serious diving injury, is often called The Bends. This is an injury that is caused by practising unsafe scuba diving, regarding the depth and time spent at depth. It’s absolutely avoidable, and avoiding DCS dictates the planning of every scuba dive.

liveaboard thailand introWith scuba diving increasing in popularity around the world, many divers like to dive as much as possible over a few days. The best way to achieve this is on a diving liveaboard cruise, also known as a diving safari. For a scuba diving liveaboard Thailand is among the best places in the world for several reasons. Of course, the diving is great, but costs are reasonable, including getting to the nearest airport or harbour town. Also, there’s great diving for all levels of scuba diver. Diving at the Similan Islands is the best enjoyed on a liveaboard.

Manta Queen 1 Similan Islands liveaboard diving boatThe largest fleet of Similan diving liveaboards is without doubt the Manta Queen fleet. With seven boats offering 3-5 night diving safaris to the best spots in Thailand, there’s always a trip, cabin choice, and departure date to suit everyone. Every boat has air-conditioned cabins, free Wi-Fi and Nitrox available. Equipment rental fees are the lowest, too.

Giant Moray eel introDivers have varied ideas of what they regard as an interesting species to encounter underwater. Some like the big stuff, and others like tiny macro creatures. But most divers will stop and say hello to a Moray Eel, even for just a moment. The Giant Moray Eel is just one of many species of Moray Eel. Other species include smaller, more colourful and rarer ones than the Giant Moray. Nearly all are quite special in their own way.

getting top the similan islands introGetting to Similans is becoming easier and cheaper, and this includes from inside and outside of Thailand in all directions. There are various ways of getting to the Similan Islands, none of which include train travel, but all of which include a boat. Whether you’re coming from the north, south or centre of Thailand or from countries around the world, it’s quite easy to reach the Similan Islands

MV Dolphin Queen Myanmar Burma Similan Islands liveaboard from the surfaceAmong our 40+ Similan liveaboard boats, there is a lot of competition among those offering budget Similan liveaboard diving trips. At this end of the market, no frills doesn’t have to mean a compromise. There are several budget Similan liveaboards to choose from, ranging from very basic. What a particular Similan Island liveaboard ideal for you depends on what you’re after. Dolphin Queen is just one of our range of budget liveaboards.

Diving Phuket turtles introDiving Phuket can be done all year round. In fact, a few Similan Island liveaboard boats spend the low season exploring the excellent dive sites south & east of Phuket. This is possible due to these areas being sheltered from the monsoon winds. This page explains diving Phuket year round, as well as Similan liveaboard safaris which include Phuket dive sites.


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Similan Islands Liveaboards Thailand: 9 out of 10 based on 200 scuba diver ratings.


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