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Before reading any further, please note that this text refers only to the diving sites around Similans Islands #1 - #9 and not about the northern dive sites of Koh Bon & Koh Tachai, which although located in Mu Ko Similan National Marine Park are described on another page. The Similan Islands is world famous for its wonderful scuba diving that can be enjoyed by all levels of diver, from beginner to professional. There are more than twenty wonderful dive sites at the Similans, and all have their own name although some are referred to differently depending on who you speak to. The western side of this archipelago is exposed to the Indian Ocean and has been developing naturally for hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, the topography of the underwater world has been shaped by stronger currents and waves from the monsoon winds. When diving on the western side, you will notice that there are lots of granite boulders, deep water, drop-offs, swimthroughs, and species which thrive in these conditions. Similan diving liveaboard boats do visit the western dive sites, but tend to focus on the eastern dive sites more. The eastern side of the Similan Islands is more colourful than the west, and easier to dive. This is mainly due to these dive sites being sheltered from the Indian Ocean by the islands themselves since ancient history. There are at least a dozen wonderful dive sites that have colourful corals, easy diving, and plenty of reef fish and invertebrates. Most dive sites on the east side have sloping reefs that can be enjoyed by scuba divers of all levels and at depths from ‘very shallow’ to 30m. In general, forgetting about the east/west contrast, you can also separate the Similans archipelago into three areas, which are south, central and north.

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