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There are a few boats that cruise around the Similan & Surin Islands which are the envy of all others. In addition to private yachts, there are several Similan liveaboard boats which offer the best luxury diving cruises in Thailand. Some of these boats are purpose-built diving vessels with steel hulls, and others are converted yachts that have both character and luxury. Luxurious Similan diving boats make up for a small percentage of our fleet, but the few which we have are very special. Also, the fleet is growing all the time, as we attract more diving guests and more boat owners who ask us to promote & sell their cruises.

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What Makes a Luxury Similan Diving Cruise So Special?

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Let’s face it, you’re on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself. More than that, to treat and pamper yourself. Why come all the way to Thailand and pay to join a full-board scuba diving cruise at the Similan Islands and then make compromises? Provided that budget is not exceeded, it makes sense to get the best luxury and comfort possible to ensure that the whole cruise is enjoyed safely and serenely.

  1. Great food is one of the most important aspects of a luxury Similan Islands diving cruise. Guests on inferior boats are given very little choice of what to eat, and the taste & quality is not nearly as good as you’re likely to experience on a better boat. If you calculate how much time you will spend eating compared to diving on a typical-length diving cruise at The Similans, you will soon understand the importance of lots of good food. And this includes fruits, between-meals snacks, and beverages.
  2. The company of other guests can make or break your overall enjoyment of a diving cruise for 4 days to a week or more out at sea. Our luxury diving trips tend to attract a certain type of clientele who can socialise together, but also appreciate that we all need our own space & privacy. Likeminded guests sharing a boat are more likely to get on well together.
  3. The diving staff on a luxury diving liveaboard are much more professional & understanding of the needs of the guests. Instead of telling guests what to do and at what time, more flexibility and better communication skills make for a more enjoyable cruise from start to finish. The diving staff are often fluent in two or more languages and have years of experience on quality diving boats. This experience enables them to fully understand what each guest needs.
  4. The crews on our luxury Similan liveaboard boats are well trained in customer service, and what they may lack in language skills, they more than make up for with discreet but attentive service at any time of day, evening or night.
  5. On lesser boats, the guests tend to only use their cabin or bed for 6-8 hours’ sleep and nothing else. However, those on a luxury diving cruise are more inclined to retire to a cabin for an afternoon siesta, to read a book in peace, maybe to do a little office work, or to prepare for an evening meal. A luxurious cabin is a vital aspect to ensuring that a particular boat or cruise can be considered as a luxurious one.
  6. Communal areas on our luxury liveaboards include indoor lounge-saloons, sun decks, and dining areas. While each guest is likely to socialise with others on board, it’s vital to be able to find comfortable space for oneself in order to properly relax.

There are so many more unquantifiable differences that make our Similan luxury diving trips and boats stand out from lesser trips and vessels. However, the best way to choose your next diving trip in Thailand is to contact us and let us know what is most important to you, and your available dates. We will be more than happy to explain which cruises you’re most likely to enjoy, and give availability information.



Average Rating 8.9/10 Based on 60 Diver Reviews for Liveaboards - Luxury Price Range

MV Giamani MV Giamani
Review score: 8/10
Dived: 26 Jan 2020
Trip on the boat was excellent. Crew did everything to look after our needs. Boat was well looked after. Diving was good....
MV Sawasdee Fasai MV Sawasdee Fasai
Dave and Wendy
New Zealander
Review score: 10/10
Dived: 03 Jan 2020
We are a couple in our 50's and booked a master cabin. Every aspect of the boat and its crew met with or exceeded our expectations. We felt very well...
MV DiveRACE Class E MV DiveRACE Class E
Marissa Pederson
Review score: 10/10
Dived: 17 Dec 2019
Phenomenal experience on DiveRACE! This was our first liveaboard trip, and nothing was short of amazing. Friendly crew, excellent service, delicious f...
MV Sawasdee Fasai MV Sawasdee Fasai
Hong Kongese
Review score: 9/10
Dived: 06 Dec 2019
I highly recommend this trip, it was a very good experience, there were more than a thousand fish around me. After this experience, I will take the m...
MV Pawara MV Pawara
Review score: 10/10
Dived: 11 Nov 2019
Great experience : beautiful dive sites, very nice team ! Water refill on board. I recommand....
The Junk The Junk
Review score: 10/10
Dived: 27 Sep 2019
Our trip was on The Junk was a diver’s dream and I’m really glad we booked through Jamie from No Troubles Just Bubbles. He oversaw the whole booki...
The Junk The Junk
Review score: 7/10
Dived: 13 Sep 2019
All good lovely staff nice food...
MV Giamani MV Giamani
Patrick Hoet
Review score: 10/10
Dived: 07 Aug 2019
Great experience, very personal service, like you would never find in large multinational agencies. Our trip on MV Giamani in the Andaman sea was perf...
Deep Andaman Queen Deep Andaman Queen
Tan Tian Siang
Review score: 9/10
Dived: 20 Feb 2019
Great service ! Great crew!...
MV Pawara MV Pawara
Review score: 4/10
Dived: 27 Jan 2019
Great diving experience, but the boat upkeep is falling behind and it marred the trip....
MV Pawara MV Pawara
Review score: 2/10
Dived: 27 Jan 2019
Booking this trip with Jamie was easy and one of the only positives of this trip. I believed this boat to be of 3 star, mid range quality when I b...
Deep Andaman Queen Deep Andaman Queen
Review score: 8/10
Dived: 18 Jan 2019
Crew was awesome, dive staff were very knowledgeable and conscious of the pros/cons with diving busy sites. Would dive off this boat again for su...

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