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Like most countries, Thailand’s local authorities charge fees for the public to enter protected areas, including the marine parks on Thailand’s west coast. These fees are used to protect the area, by employing staff (park rangers) and providing them with the necessary tools to do their jobs. It may feel wrong or unfair to have to pay to enter a public area, but the natural beauty of these places can’t be protected for free. The fees are nominal, and locals usually pay less.

(*The prices on this page were taken in October 2018)

How much are national marine park fees for divers in Thailand?

The fees are fixed, but this depends on how many parks you enter and how many days you dive.

Day trips cost 700 THB/person

The rate for liveaboard trips starts at 900 THB.

4-day, 4-night trips cost 1,800 THB - 2,300 THB. The boat's exact itinerary define the cost of the park fees. For example, some boats re-enter the Similan park on the way back from the Surin park on the final day. They do this to offer better dive sites (Koh Tachai and/or Koh Bon) instead of local wrecks.

The price is calculated at 500 THB to enter a park and an extra 200 THB for each  day. Depending on each itinerary, our Similan liveaboard boats may enter the Mu Ko Similan National Marine Park, or the Mu Ko Surin National Marine Park, or both. Richelieu Rock is in the Surin Park and most other dive sites are in the Similan Park.

What is the non-diver (snorkeller) rate

Non-diving guests pay the same fees. This is 500 THB for The Similan Park and 500 THB for the Surin Park. A typical 4-day trip would cost 1,800 THB because these trips enter both parks. Some trips only enter the Similan Park, but these are generally 2-3 days in length.

Can I get a discount?

Only Thai people pay a lower entrance fee, but they pay the same diving fee. It’s also reduced for children of all nationalities. Foreigners who live and work in Thailand can usually get into some national parks on land for a lower price, but this is not so easy for the marine parks. Apparently, you need to show that you pay tax in Thailand more than just live here.

Who and how do I pay?

From October 2018, the new regulations mean that everyone has to pay in advance. This enables the boat operators to secure your entry. Payments must be made at least 24 hours before your trip, but weekends and public hoildays can make this longer. Also the main page of every visitors' passport needs to be sent by email or uploaded.

What if the fee goes up after I book my trip?

Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do about this, because it’s a government tax. They fix the price on the day of entry, not on the day you book your scuba diving trip. However, the fees do not increase very often. In February 2015 the entry fee went up from 400 THB to 500 THB. We were given one month’s advance notice by the local authorities about this. The daily diving fee has been 200 THB for many years. In October 2018, the local authorities gave just a few day's warning of the new regulations.

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