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A scuba diving holiday in Thailand is a truly wonderful experience. Perfect weather and sea conditions added to wonderful people and great food, all at prices which won’t break the bank. Thailand’s best diving area is without doubt The Similan Islands & Surin Islands National Marine Parks, which include Richelieu Rock. These islands and undersea pinnacles are located 60km west of the mainland in the southern province of Phang Nga. Dive centers based in Khao Lak, Phuket, Ranong, and even Koh Lanta send their liveaboard diving boats to the best dive sites in Thailand every day between mid-October and mid-May each year. Day trip speedboats, catamarans and standard dive boats only depart from Khao Lak’s piers.

nearly-40-dive-boatsPotential customers wanting to book a day trip or liveaboard cruise to the Similan Islands and/or Richelieu Rock usually do so before they leave their home country. Choosing a boat or dive center to book a once-in-a-lifetime diving cruise or day trip isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. The right decision will ensure the best diving experience possible, with the right staff, schedule, itinerary, equipment, price and dive sites making a truly wonderful trip. However, the wrong decision is likely to result in disappointment, probably from no fault of anyone other than those making the decision of where, when or on which boat to dive. It’s impossible to choose the perfect Similan dive trip without seeking some advice from those who know the dive centres, their boats, the dive sites, and conditions at any particular time of year. To make the best decision, potential booking customers can only truly depend on independent advice and the widest selection of products and services.

Each dive center will naturally only promote its own products and services, as it would be foolish of them to recommend anything offered by a competitor. Therefore, Similan islands booking agents are often the best people to contact when trying to decide which boat or dive centre is able to offer the ideal Similan Islands diving cruise. Some Similan diving tours agents have up to ten or twelve boats on their books, as that is a sensible number for them to manage, while running their regular diving business. For them, it is often a secondary income and very welcome pocket money. Like the dive centres, these are only likely to recommend what they are able to offer for sale, and therefore their customers are still limited in the choice of trips to choose from, even if they can offer more than booking direct with dive centres. Similan Diving Tours are proud to be able the widest range of liveaboard and day trips boats which sail to the Similan Islands, Richelieu Rock, Hin Daeng. & Koh Haa. We have almost 40 boats for our customers to browse through and choose from, and these can easily be filtered by cost, diving destination or length of trip. We don’t run our agency as a second business. It is our life, and gets all of our attention, as do our customers.

free-tee-shirtThe best selection of Similan diving boats is no good without the prices being competitive. We can guarantee that no one else will advertise lower prices than us for the trips we offer. And anyone who feels they can save money by contacting the dive centre directly will be disappointed, as the price is the same. All they will do by contacting the dive centre is limit the choice of trips and receive naturally-biased advice and information. Not only do we claim to offer unbeatably-low prices for Similan Islands diving trips, each of our liveaboard guests receives a free t-shirt. Our free t-shirts are not only a unique design, they are high quality and perfect to wear in the warm weather that Thailand is so popular for.

widest-choice-of-similan-dive-boatsSo, with the widest choice of Similan diving boats and unbeatable prices taken care of, what we are most proud of is our service. Although we are only able to communicate in English (and spoken Thai), we can confidently say that our service is second to none. We are able to be contacted by phone, email or other chat app, 24 hours a day. We keep things personal, too. Customers will only deal with their own service advisor and never be moved from one to another. Emails are usually answered immediately, and never more than after a few hours. Not only do we stay in close and personal contact while the customer is looking for booking advice, we do so afterwards as well. Rather than hand over the customers to the dive centre as soon as we have a confirmation, we stay in constant contact with all of our guests, and are their main contact until they arrive at the dive center or boat. In addition, we stay in touch with most of our guests after their trip as well. We like to hear how their trip was and what comments they have for improvement or recommendations. Such is our service, several guests come back to book with us again, and many recommend friends to us, for which we are both proud and grateful.

Similan Diving Tours have the best selection of day trip and liveaboard diving boats, offer free t-shirts on top of unbeatably-low prices, and are available 24/7 with a service which we feel is second to none. Take a look at our list of dive boats today, and start thinking about your next diving trip in South East Asia.


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