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Gili Dive Camp

Gili-Dive-Camp-IndonesiaGili Dive Camp is set up for anyone who wants to enjoy a diving vacation on a tropical island in paradise without breaking the bank or skimping on comfort, convenience or safety. It really is the best way to enjoy a scuba diving holiday, while meeting new people and spending your days on or under the water or on the beach, and your evenings partying or relaxing at very reasonable prices.

The Camp is based on the island of Gili Trawangan, which is the outer (3rd) of the three Gili Islands from Lombok, in Indonesia. Like most of the accommodation and diving centres, Gili Dive Camp faces east, and overlooks Mt. Rinjani, the active volcano on Lombok. Unlike many dive camps, guests here get air-conditioned accommodation, food, and are based just 140 metres from the best beach on Gili Trawangan and the dive boats to take them the short distance to some of the best diving sites in Indonesia. The camp is set up to accommodate divers of all levels and even those who have never dived before. There are plenty of options to choose from, including fun dives and the extremely popular Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver courses. Guests can choose how many nights they want to stay and how many dives they want to do. It’s almost too easy and too good to be true. The Dive Camp works in conjunction with Gili Backpackers and Gili Divers, both owned and run by the same professional and well-established company.

Accommodation is at Gili Backpackers, the newest ‘hop spot’ on Gili Trawangan, and (as of April 2014) accommodates 82 guests of all nationalities and ages. Every room is air-conditioned and extremely clean, quiet, safe and secure. With regular games nights and Bintang beer sold at very low prices, everyone has fun both during the day and night. However, the room walls are thick and the air-con units brand new, so for those who want to sleep or relax, there’s sanctuary just a few steps away. The location is ideal for diving and peace and quiet, but just a 10 minute walk to the ‘party zone’ which is where the younger and more adventurous backpackers and tourists can drink and dance until the early hours of the morning.

Food is included in the package price. Breakfast and lunch are served at Gili Viking, on the beach in front of Gili Divers. Here you will enjoy wonderful food, great company, and an even better view all included in the package price. Late wakers and hungover guests need not worry too much about arriving on time, as the meal times are flexible and the dive boats go out many times per day. It’s also only a very short boat ride (10-15 minutes) to most of the diving spots, because Gili Divers has the best location on the island for loading, unloading, and sailing to the dive sites. Evening meals are not included in the price, mainly because many of our guests choose to visit different restaurants each night, in order to socialize and see more of this fantastic island and its nightlife.

The diving at Gili Dive Camp is exceptional. Healthy corals and marine life almost guarantee a turtle and/or a shark on most dives, along with lots of interesting small fishes and invertebrates and plenty of schooling fish. The currents can be medium to strong at times, but dives are planned to make this an advantage instead of a disadvantage. Also, these currents of cooler water are rich in nutrients, and therefore the waters around Gili Trawangan have extremely healthy and diverse marine life communities.
Gili Dive Camp guests can choose from many packages, including those with two or three dives per day. Three dives per day may sound a lot, but with the minimal travel times on the boats and extremely short distances to food, showers and beds, it’s more than possible. It’s recommended. You may feel a little lazy to do that third dive, or thirsty for a lunchtime beer. But imagine being back in your office or workplace in the West and regretting not taking the opportunity to roll backwards off the side of a dive boat into crystal-clear water teeming with life for the price of a taxi or average restaurant meal in your home town.
There are those who have genuine reasons to only want to dive twice per day and this is also a very popular option. For just $250 our guest can spend 4 nights and 3 days at Gili Backpackers, and join 6 dives in these wonderfully clear and healthy waters. The more days guests spend and the more dives they do, the cheaper the rates are per night and per dive. Take a look at the tables below and contact us if there is something that you are interested in but can’t see listed. Specialty courses, such as Deep, Drift, Nitrox, Photography, Night Diving and more are readily available at very competitive prices. In addition, those with their own equipment are entitled to discounts on each package.

To make an enquiry or book a package at Gili Dive Camp, all you need to do is fill in the form below and we will do the rest. There’s no need (or saving) in booking direct, so let us do the work for you. We are more than a partner of Gili Dive Camp. We are family. 

2 dives a day packages
3 days + 4 nights + 6 dives 250 USD
4 days + 5 nights + 8 dives 330 USD
5 days + 6 nights + 10 dives 400 USD
6 days + 7 nights + 12 dives 470 USD
Extra dives will be charged $31.50 USD ( Including equipment )
3 dives a day packages
3 days+4 nights + 9 dives 350 USD
4 days + 5 nights + 12 dives 440 USD
5 days + 6 nights + 15 dives 540 USD
6 days + 7 nights + 18 dives 640 USD
Extra dives will be charged $31.50 USD ( Including equipment )
Upgrade your Open Water to an Advanced certificate for just $130 extra.
*Extended stays are possible.


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