Honeymoon Bay

Henry-and-Tersia-at-Honeymoon-Bay-Koh-Similan-ThailandDivers Photo by Henry and TersiaTo the north or northwest of Island 5 (Koh Ha) is a little-visited dive site which is known as Honeymoon Bay and Coral Reef. It is in front of the very small beach on the eastern shore of Island 4 (Koh Miang), and doesn't go very deep. It is a pleasant and easy dive site, and one which many first-time divers at The Similan Islands visit. Although there is nothing special or exciting that can't be found at other Similan diving sites, this location is still very beautiful and offers new and inexperienced divers the opportunity to learn or practise diving skills while spending time with all kinds of tropical reef fish and invertebrates. They may even be lucky enough to spot a Leopard/Zebra Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) or even a Whitetip Reef Shark (Triaenodon obesus), neither of which is any danger to humans.

Threadfin-butterfyfish-Chaetodon-auriga-at-Honeymoon-Bay-Koh-Similan-Thailand-Lyle-TurnerThreadfin butterfyfish (Chaetodon auriga) Thanks to Lyle Turner at the Global Reef ProjectThe depth here is no more than 20-25 metres in places and the healthy and colourful marine life extends right up to very near the surface. Lots of reef fish can be seen here, such as Butterflyfish (Chatetodontidae), Angelfish (Pomacanthidae), Surgeonfsh (Acanthuridae), Lionfish (Pterois), and Parrotfish (Scarinae). Those who reach the sandy bottom may also see a large stingray or the dozens of Spotted Garden Eels (Heterogonger hassi) which make their home in holes on the sand. Don't panic if they all disappear. Hang around calmly and they will pop back up in no time.

Honeymoon Bay is a popular place for boats to moor up for the night, and thus many of them would perform night dives here, too. At night, the marine life is quite different, with the daytime fish hiding to get some safety and peace and quiet and crustaceans out looking for food. Any Moray Eels (Gymnothorax) at Honeymoon Bay will also be swimming across the reef, looking for prey.

Although this dive site is not very deep, nor does it offer any special species, for new and inexperienced divers it is awesome. They can enjoy diving at the Similan Islands without having to worry about currents, depth, or too many other divers. Skills can be learned or refreshed and they are able to spend a very long time under the surface thanks to the favourable conditions. The visibility is normally excellent, too.

To dive at Honeymoon Bay, or any other Similan Islands dive site, day trips by speedboat leave Khao Lak and Phuket throughout the diving season. In addition, liveaboard cruises spend anything from a couple of days out there up to more than a week. To find the best package to fit your itinerary, budget and any special requirements, click below.

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