M/V Nemo 1 Latest News : October 2017!

Nemo 1 liveaboardOctober 15th 2017 is the beginning of a new era. M/V Nemo 1 is our brand-new Similan liveaboard diving boat, offering guests the best value, options and experience for scuba diving at the Similan Islands in Thailand. The all-new Nemo 1 might not be the largest boat, and it doesn’t have private bathrooms, but it was designed to meet the needs of most customers who want overnight trips and longer. From the inside the ultra-clean hull area where the engine, air-con units and some storage areas are located, up to the large sundeck on the roof, everything on Nemo has been made to perfectly fit its target market of scuba diving guests. The boat is larger, there are more cabins and bathrooms, and there’s even a mini-lounge which is ideal for diving students to study or watch PADI videos. The information and pictures on this page are the most up-to-date we have as of October 5th 2017. However, there will be more and better pictures coming very soon. While there are workers on board, it is not practical to cover the beds with sheets or to apply the final coats of paint.

What’s New?

Cabins : Just like the older boat, new Nemo 1 has a choice of three bunk-bed cabins, each of which can take up to four guests. Each bed has a reading light, and there are charging sockets and shelves. The new boat now has four double-bed cabins, which are located at the front of the main deck. The cabins are clean & simple and all have their own air-conditioning unit and a sea-view window.

Bathroom Facilities : There are now more bathrooms on the new boat, making a total of 4 guest bathrooms, each with a proper western toilet, a hand basin, a mirror, and hot & cold freshwater showers. Also, out on the rear of the boat at the diving platform there are two freshwater showers for immediately after a dive. And on the dive deck there is another hand basin and mirror.

Mini-lounge : Most liveaboard guests want to spend time out on deck, when they’re not sleeping in a cabin. On deck they can enjoy the sea breeze, awesome views and both privacy and good company. However, there are times when being in an air-conditioned room is important, or just nice. Nemo 1’s new mini-lounge is designed to be used for PADI students to watch training videos or to study in comfortable peace & quiet. When not being used for PADI training, Nemo’s guests are welcome to relax in here, maybe to watch or show videos or photos on the flat-screen tv.

Nemo 1 flexible Similan diving liveaboard guest bathroom 4Bathrooms
Nemo 1 scuba diving Similan Koh Bon and Koh Tachai liveaboard double bed cabinDouble Bed Cabins
Nemo 1 scuba diving Similan liveaboard bunk cabinBunk bed cabins

What’s Better?

The Dive Deck on Nemo 1 is much larger and better organised. This enables diving guests to enjoy more convenience before and after each dive. The facilities, such as the Nitrox blender and all the tank racks and equipment slots are brand new and purpose built. Also, unlike most other dive boats, the ladders for climbing up at the end of each dive have a unique and perfect design which enables divers to climb up easily while still wearing fins.

The Dining Area is also larger in every way. The tables are surrounded by comfortable sofa benches, and the whole area can be protected from any strong winds or rain if necessary. The dive briefing whiteboard is permanently located in a better place and the self-service area is vastly improved.

The Construction of Nemo 1 is all steel, which enables it to sail more safely, more quietly and more comfortably across any waves. A steel hull is what the larger luxury boats use, whereas budget boats tend to be made of wood. In addition, there is a brand-new engine inside the steel hull area. This is also where the huge water tanks and air-conditioning units are located. Waste management also benefits from a clever design. This area is well designed and very clean & has good sound insulation.

What Hasn’t Changed?

The Team : ‘If it aint broke, don’t try to fix it’ is something that is very pertinent here. The experienced and professional PADI team carries over from previous seasons. Many of the staff are German speakers but all are fluent in English, as well as some other languages. No more than 4 diving guests follow their guides in groups to match certification level and experience. PADI courses can be taught on board, as usual.

The Service : The owners of Nemo pride themselves on giving the best service, while remaining honest and remaining within all safety and legal regulations. Operating this way ensures that everyone enjoys the best liveaboard experience without any nasty surprises.

The Schedule : Continuing from past seasons, the all-new Nemo 1 sails on a set schedule, visiting different dive sites 28 times per week. Only the very best dive sites are repeated, which are Koh Bon & Koh Tachai on Mondays & Tuesdays. From Wednesday to Sunday Nemo is at the Similan Islands and beach visits are possible most days.

Most Prices remain the same, and those that have increased have only done so in line with inflation and local increases. In fact, guests who stay at hotels in the north of Khao Lak can now enjoy free transfers, which means that the whole experience for some Nemo guests is even cheaper than in the past.

So, what are you waiting for? The all-new M/V Nemo 1 is already at sea and will be running every day of the week until the end of April 2018, which is when the diving season comes to an end. Some boats stay out into May, but the waves and weather can become unpredictable. Contact us today to reserve your spaces on the newest mid-range Similan scuba diving liveaboard boat that is run by a highly-experienced and professional team.

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