Lapat April 18-22 : The Best of Everything!

Lapat similan liveaboard discountChoosing the best time to dive at the Similan Islands in Thailand, or any outdoor tourist activity, is not as easy as it may appear. Because if everyone knows when the best time is, more people visit and the places become too crowded. Also, public holidays are more popular but usually for human reasons, and not nature’s. Our team always chooses late April to dive at the Similan Islands, because we know what many others don’t. At this time of year there are very few day trip boats, and therefore fewer people in the water and on the beaches. Also, the liveaboard boats aren’t usually full. In addition, the weather and sea conditions are perfect. Finally, there’s the best chance of seeing something large while diving, such as a Whale Shark or Manta Ray. So, when you’re offered an unbeatable deal of huge discount and free diving equipment, it really is the best of everything! We have a last-minute discount & free equipment Similan liveaboard April 18-22. MV Lapat is waiting for the few lucky guests eligible for this deal!

Why so few day trip boats?

After Thai New Year (April 13th-16th) most Similan day trips become less popular or unavailable. This is partly due to lack of interest from guests, and the high cost of running speedboats. It’s also partly due to potentially high waves near the coast caused by winds from the West. The result is that there aren’t as many daytrippers at the Similan Islands as there are during the rest of the season.

Quiet liveaboards, too?

dining area lapat discountYes, because the season ends in mid-May the final month is quieter than the rest of the Similan diving season. In May the weather and sea conditions are usually less pleasant, but in late April we believe it’s the best time of year. In any case, Similan liveaboards are usually not full after the middle of April each year.

Perfect conditions?

Yes. On the mainland at this time of year the weather is incredibly hot and humid. It’s coming to the end of the scorching Thai summer and the rainy season is just around the corner. It’s an ideal time to get out to sea to enjoy thetwin bunk cabin of mv lapat discount breeze but before the Indian monsoon brings high waves. Both the sea and weather are ideal at this time of year. There may be a late-afternoon rain shower, but that just clears the air. It really is a good time of year to dive at the Similans.

Whale Sharks & Manta Rays

Whale Shark Lapat discountWhale Sharks & Manta Rays are unpredictable, but our experience shows that from March each year the chance of seeing Manta Rays is always higher, especially at Koh Bon. And this year (2018) we have seen more Whale Sharks than ever before. Again, they appear to prefer to come later in the year, and this could also be due to fewer divers in the water. They like divers, but not hundreds of divers at a time!

What’s the deal?

Due to a late cancellation, we are able to offer a huge discount for this trip, as well as free rental equipment. The price is lower than you will find anywhere else, and better value than on any of our other boats. There are a few spaces left in air-conditioned twin cabins, so contacting us today is important.

Last year, our team dived on Sawasdee Fasai during the 3rd week of April and we had a wonderful time. This year, due to school holidays and other commitments we dived in March on Lapat, but some of our team will go out in late April 2018, again on Sawasdee Fasai. Also, we just had a full-charter on Lapat which came back today! Please trust us. We know the right boats and time of year, and we have this awesome deal to offer a few lucky divers.

If you snooze, you lose, so don’t delay and contact us today to get the very best deal on one of our favourite boats at the best time of year to dive at Thailand’s Similan Islands!

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