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JH MV Sawasdee Fasai
Divers Nationality: Singaporean
Dive date: 03 January 2022
Boat rating: 10/10
I booked my trip on the day of the departure with the incredible help of Jamie who was extremely responsive and professional throughout the entire process. He also followed up to ensure I was on the boat and all settled in. Steve, the cruise director , my dive guide and AOW instructor all-in-one was amazingly professional, safe, patient and had so much knowledge to share. The crew of Sawasdee Fasai were top notch, making all of us feel welcomed and well-fed at all times. All-in-all a great experience, would recommend. more
Daniel Kurniawan MV Sawasdee Fasai
Daniel Kurniawan
Divers Nationality: Australian
Dive date: 21 December 2021
Boat rating: 9/10
Pick up was 3 hours late and disorganised. Drop off was slow and disorganised. Land transport: 0/5 Food was amazing. One instance of meat being very tough and inedible. Icy drinks were not the best after diving. Food: 8/10 Free upgrade from budget bunk-bed to 2 person share room. However, room's toilet couldn't flush and exhaust fan didn't work so bathroom got quite smelly. Shower on occasion didn't run or very slow water, including after the last dive. Supposed to have bedsheets and towel change halfway through the trip but it didn't happen. Accommodation: 5/10 Noted under equipment rental form that I needed a L or XL BCD. The biggest they had was a M and it was too small. Torch battery only lasts for 1 dive. No issue with the rest. Equipment: 6/10 Diving was great. Dive briefing was very detailed. Dive guide was good and handled himself and the group well. Free nitrox. Unfortunately missed the first dive of Day 2 because pick up was so disorganised - took off from pier at about midnight. Diving: 30/20 Two beach/island excursions. Extras: 5/5 Total: 54/60 more
Claude MV Sawasdee Fasai
Divers Nationality: French
Dive date: 21 March 2021
Boat rating: 10/10
It has been a great diving experience. MV Sawsdee Fasai is a comfortable and well designed boat for diving. The crew is very professional and the diving sites of the similan are stunning. And..the food is excellent!!!
Sam MV Sawasdee Fasai
Divers Nationality: Irish
Dive date: 21 March 2021
Boat rating: 10/10
Great crew excellent characters be around great atmosphere catered for everything start to finish boat was more than comfortable and fantastic food..
Boris MV Sawasdee Fasai
Divers Nationality: British
Dive date: 21 March 2021
Boat rating: 10/10
Fantastic trip, great crew, great dives, met bunch of good and interesting people. Will definitely repeat
Dave and Wendy MV Sawasdee Fasai
Dave and Wendy
Divers Nationality: New Zealander
Dive date: 03 January 2020
Boat rating: 10/10
We are a couple in our 50's and booked a master cabin. Every aspect of the boat and its crew met with or exceeded our expectations. We felt very well looked after at all times. Spacious and comfortable cabin and boat. The boat is very well set up f or its purpose. There would have been 40+ people on board (counting crew) but it never felt crowded. Friendly and super-organised Thai boat team, from the Quan, the head dive guide and boat manager, to the young lads who filled the tanks and helped us in and out of the water. Food was fresh, delicious and varied daily. Our Dive guide Gun was supremely professional, calm and patient at all times. Also very friendly and helpful. On some of the dives, the visibility wasn't as good as we had hoped for, but this was more than made up for by the spectacular variety and quantity of marine life. We highly recommend this boat trip. more
Divers Nationality: Hong Kongese
Dive date: 06 December 2019
Boat rating: 9/10
I highly recommend this trip, it was a very good experience, there were more than a thousand fish around me. After this experience, I will take the medicine for jellyfish aboard next time.
Keith A. Raymond
Divers Nationality: American
Dive date: 11 November 2018
Boat rating: 8/10
Great boat, Great crew, Great dive sites. Boon Song Wreck is a bit of a let down after Richelieu Rock. See separate email. "Sorry it took a bit to get back to you, had to get my land legs on. The wide beam of the boat, widest of any I saw, made th e ride stable and pleasant. I found myself floating between the Russians, Koreans, Chinese and Spanish teams, and hopefully acted as a unifying spirit. Each group had their quirks, and I was able to practice several languages although my Cantonese and Mandarin is nonexistent. Two best sites was Koh Tachai (what only one dive?) and of course, Richelieu Rock where everything was represented. I could spend a week there alone! We didn't see Mantas nor Whale shark to the disappointment of the group, but been there done that, so the rest was the best. Even composed an article for a dive magazine: Making Each Dive Better than the Last. If I finish it today, I'll send it on. The Chinese were kind enough to give me 2.3 GB of GoPro videos, and the Spanish promised to send me their photos once they've been photo shopped. Gun and Beto were princes! They are the kind that not just make but inspire liveaboard diving. Qualities you can't teach, like compassion, concern, curiosity, and a willingness to tell the same story a gazillion times and still make it sound fresh. Kwan is a little long winded in the briefings, but due to insurance issues it is understandable. What was really unique was the hot rose scented wash cloth given at the end of the last dive. True luxury, and refreshing even after 30C water. I probably wouldn't do the budget option again, as climbing up on the top bunk was a bit tough, and the mattress was a bit too hard for my old bones, as I'd wake up with sore hips that needed a dive or two of hyperbaric therapy to alleviate. The crew and the food was good, and truly joyful although I felt bad for their sleeping accommodations stuffed into every nook and cranny of the boat. Food highlights included Lamm Gai and the daily cooked banana/chocolate/ginger breads. I would have preferred dinner served at the snack time, and the snack served at the dinner time as it was quite late for me. Most folks had a beer and a lighter meal at dinner anyway. I guess it's personal preference. I suppose enough for now. Thanks for all your work, and getting that T shirt to me." more
Neill MV Sawasdee Fasai
Divers Nationality: British
Dive date: 21 April 2018
Boat rating: 8/10
Awesome boat and staff. Great food. Great cabins.
James Firmage MV Sawasdee Fasai
James Firmage
Divers Nationality: American
Dive date: 21 April 2018
Boat rating: 9/10
The boat is clean and comfortable, the crew attentive and knowledgeable and the diving excellent:
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MV Sawasdee Fasai
Type: Liveaboard
Departs from: Khao Lak.
No. of guests: 30
From: 28,700
25,830 THB per diver
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