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Similan Islands Liveaboards Thailand: 9 out of 10 based on 542 scuba diver ratings.


Here is where we post articles which may be of interest to anyone who is interested in Similan Islands diving. From time to time we are able to offer substantial discounts for last-minute bookings or well in advance which can be found on our Similan Islands Special offers page. In addition, there’s season-long Similan Islands information that can enable divers and potential divers to better understand their different options when choosing a Similan liveaboard. This isn’t just about being in the water, either. Some people like to travel on a budget, and others like to pay for minimum inconvenience. We try our best to give as many details as possible in order for those wanting to dive in the Similan Islands or Richelieu Rock to make the best decision that suits their needs. Finally, there is a section for relevant news topics which may affect (or not) the diving situation in and around the Similan Islands. It’s not uncommon for those in other countries and continents to hear something on the news and worry (or not) unnecessarily. Our news section is impartial and honest at all times.

why should equipment fit properly introAll but one item of a standard set of scuba diving equipment comes in various sizes. Only the ‘regs’ are ‘one size for all.’ Everything else from the mask to the fins needs to be chosen to fit the diver properly. The importance of why scuba diving equipment should fit the diver properly is the comfort and safety of the individual underwater, at the surface and even on the boat. Also, the enjoyment and potential length of the dive will be increased if the equipment fits well.

March 4 8 liveaboard dive trip introWe often get invited to join trips on the many Similan liveaboard boats that we offer to our guests. However, it’s not always easy or possible, mainly because the only divers in our company make up our reservations team. Therefore, going offline for more than 24 hours can cause problems. But in March 2018, the Thai school holidays and quiet few days, we managed to hop on board MV Lapat for four days & nights of action-packed fun.

camic schedule change introFrom March 13th 2018 we have a new Camic weekly schedule at Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai & Koh Bon, plus Sundays at The Similan Islands. The schedule has been changed due to the popularity of the northern dive sites, in particular Richelieu Rock. In addition, Camic’s transfer speedboat will now depart from and return to Baan Nam Khem Pier at 8.30am, instead of Tab Lamu Pier at 8.00am.

discover scuba diving introTo ‘Do you PADI’ is a term often used to talk about learning to scuba dive. In truth, there are many organisations, but PADI is the most well-known. There are also lots of places around the world to learn to scuba dive, with Thailand being among the most popular. Learning to scuba dive at The Similan Islands Thailand has recently (October 2017) become more difficult due to the local authorities introducing new rules and procedures. In particular, Discover Scuba Diving introduction dives. And now from October 2018 it's no longer possible.

diver sign organised vs flexible liveaboard diving introDifferent cultures all around the world have different expectations of others. This is especially noticeable when international tourists are paying for a product or service. Even when the price that they pay is less than in their home country, they still sometimes expect the same service and quality that they’re used to. The advantages of diving with well-organised liveaboards is an example. Many of our liveaboard scuba diving trips are run by locals, and these locals may have a different idea or what is ‘organised’ and what may be ‘flexible.’ However, even though many of our guests are Westerners who expect the best organisation, it is important to know that all of our guests are people, individuals who have names and needs. Therefore, a more personal approach is sometimes necessary and always appreciated.

Similan Islands introOne inescapable cost for all visitors to Thailand’s national parks is the entrance fee. This also applies to national marine parks, which are protected areas around Thailand’s coastline, usually with uninhabited islands. National park fees for scuba diving at The Similan Islands need to be paid by every visitor, even if you’re not diving. The entrance fee is 500 THB/person and there’s an additional 200 THB per  day.

standard scuba dive equipment introWe’re quite often asked questions about scuba diving equipment. These questions include, ‘What is a standard set of scuba diving equipment?’ ‘Is a computer included in a standard full set?’ and ‘What discount can I get if I bring some of my own items?’ In general, there is no fixed answer that can cover the questions, because each of our dive centres and boat operators have their own policies and ideas about what should be included in a standard set and how much to charge for other items. The most-commonly asked-about items are diving computers, and ‘Do I get some discount for bringing my own mask & fins?’

dive computer introDiving computers watches are becoming more popular and accessible to the ‘general diving public.’ This is mainly due to their cost and availability & the way new divers learn how to dive. With so many brands, models and features, it can easily become confusing. Many are rental items that customer divers hire from the dive centre to wear during a dive, but they may not fully understand the benefits, features or how to use them. To be honest, most people just want to know the essential basic information about scuba diving computer watches.

flexible liveaboards intro Everyone chooses a scuba diving liveaboard for their own reasons. These reasons include boat or cabin type, budget, dive locations, and the trip fitting their holiday schedule. For those who need their trip to fit a tight schedule, flexible liveaboard trips are ideal. These are also referred to as ‘platform boats.’ Similan Islands flexible or platform overnight liveaboard cruises range in length from 2 days & 1 night, and the maximum length is usually not more than 4 days & 3 nights.

night diving thailand introMany of our Similan liveaboard diving guests have Advanced Open Water certification or higher, meaning that they have probably done night dives before. Normally Open Water divers aren’t experienced in night diving, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join liveaboard night dives. Also, not all Similan liveaboards offer night dives, as it depends on the trip’s itinerary. Night diving at Similan Islands. Which trips and who can join.


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Similan Islands Liveaboards Thailand: 9 out of 10 based on 542 scuba diver ratings.


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