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위스퍼 Manta Queen 2
Divers Nationality: South Korean
Dive date: 02 December 2022
Boat rating: 9/10
많은 사람들과 다이빙을 하 수 있다는 것이 너무나 즐거웠다. 3일이면 질리지 않고 딱 적당한 리브어보드 일정이라 생각한다. 날씨가 살짝 좋지 않았지만, 마지막날 되게 좋아서 인상 깊었 . 시밀란 리브어보드는 또 올 생각이 있다. 만타퀸2 리브어보드도 되게 만족했다. more
Mappy Manta Queen 2
Divers Nationality: Japanese
Dive date: 25 February 2021
Boat rating: 9/10
This was second time to join live a board.Dive point was great as usual.Guide, Boat staffs was kind.Clean Boat, I was satisfied with this trip. And I appreciate Jamie to support us.Thank you for your kind support!
EUNSOON Manta Queen 2
Divers Nationality: South Korean
Dive date: 17 February 2020
Boat rating: 8/10
It was nice team :)
Debbie Manta Queen 2
Divers Nationality: Hong Kongese
Dive date: 17 February 2020
Boat rating: 9/10
My first Liveaboard trip on Manta Queen 2 is great! 3D3N was just good for me. My double room was in good size and clean. Every room has air-conditioner. Food and snacks were good. You would never feel hungry. Thanks Chef P’Tip! The boat crews were friendly and helpful and the dive team was professional. Thanks “No Troubles, Just Bubbles” Jamie for the booking arrangement. The beach towel was really useful throughout the whole trip. more
Alexis Manta Queen 2
Divers Nationality: Malaysian
Dive date: 28 January 2020
Boat rating: 7/10
MQ II was a great choice as a first Liveaboard! 3D3N was just nice, not too short, not too long. KSA was professional and well organized. Food was fantastic. Cabin was small but acceptable, clean and functional. Dive crew was friendly and helpful, Thai boat crew was helpful and accommodating. Dive sites. Richelieu Rock is world class. Other sites like Koh Bon and Koh Tachair were good... in terms of sites, we dove the same spot at Koh Tachai 3x. Phratong wreck and BoonSung wreck couldnt comment more, visibility was just 1-3m which was beyond anyone's control. No mantas and whalesharks unfortunately. Most dives averaged 30-40mins, quite short I would say, but we were deep and fighting currents. Booking with NTJB was simply the best move. Jamie was responsive. He got in touched with me one month, one week, one day, one hour prior to the trip and that was really reassuring. The huge towel was really useful throughout the whole trip and were used for all 11 dives we made! Highly recommend NTJB ;) more
Nalinpat Manta Queen 2
Dive date: 16 February 2019
Boat rating: 10/10
The boat is awesome. All thai crews are very fantastic. Food is healthy and tastes good. I enjoy the most with the Richelieu Rock, which is undeniable of one of the best dive site in the world.
Divers Nationality: New Zealander
Dive date: 04 November 2018
Boat rating: 4/10
Dive sites were amazing and your service and communication was prompt and courteous. You did a great job getting us there. MQ2 didn't really meet our expectations - it's basically a backpackers/budget experience. Maybe we didn't ask enough que stions, but NTJB left money on the table by not recommending us the MQ3 trip that left at the same time for one extra night. more
Divers Nationality: South African
Dive date: 10 April 2018
Boat rating: 8/10
Dives was awesome
Ezequiel Hirsch
Divers Nationality: Argentinean
Dive date: 28 January 2018
Boat rating: 10/10
Una experiencia maravillosa. Mágico todo: los lugares, los divemaster/instructores (especialmente Damian Sansoni), la tripulación, la comida, el barco... vamos a volver... #teamargentina
Pat Manta Queen 2
Divers Nationality: Thai
Dive date: 19 December 2017
Boat rating: 9/10
Crew were very friendly and helpful especially on the dive deck (you rarely have to prepare things yourself). The boat is very clean, food is good and snacks are available between dives. The check in was a bit inefficient but it didn't affect the tri p so not too big of a deal. One thing to note is the smoking; they don't have a designated smoking area so some people will just smoke in the dining area, so just take note of that. Otherwise everything is great, just would be nice to have some connectivity. more
Similan Liveaboard DIve Boat Manta Queen 2
MV Manta Queen 2
Type: Liveaboard
Departs from: Khao Lak.
No. of guests: 20
From: 20,000
17,500 THB per diver
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