2013/14 Season Review – The Best Season in Years!


Since October 2013 we have been blessed with some wonderful diving experiences. Yesterday (May 15th 2014) the national parks closed, bringing to an end the best diving season in many years. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone, and everything, who made such an enjoyable season possible. The customers, dive centre staff, crews, and even the fish and other marine life all contributed to making this season one to remember. Everyone came back from daytrips and liveaboard cruises safely and happy.

Back-of-liveaboard-boat-Similan-IslandsStarting with the customers – A German lady called Shannon joined MV Dolphin Queen's first trip of the season, and Jasmine, from Singapore, was on MV Manta Queen 3’s final trip which returned yesterday. In between, we had a great gang of people from all over the world. Young and old, novices to experienced, solo divers and groups; they all came, dived, smiled and left. Special thanks goes to Travis, whose misfortune, trust and patience all came together to result in him diving on White Manta and seeing lots of very special marine life. Leila, from Belgium, was incredibly easy to deal with, doing most of our work for us! Rebekka and Ursina had a stressful day trying to reach Manta Queen 3 on time, but ended up having a great trip, with special thanks to the staff involved. Due to injury, Pedro and Jorge had to postpone trips from Christmas to April, but still got to dive and relax on Dolphin Queen. And finally Kath and Josh enjoyed their honeymoon on two Manta Queen boats, including a day trip and liveaboard.

The protests in Bangkok and, for a moment, the potential search for flight MH370 didn’t put anyone off. the customers kept on coming in their droves, and the dive centers and marine life were here waiting to meet, greet and entertain them.

Speedboat-similans-view-of-sea-from-behind-boatOf course, every other dive centre was absolutely fantastic, to both our customers and us. Yosh at SDS, Pam, Evan and Toon at KSA and Jamie at Oktavia, you guys have been awesome! Putting up with our repetitive questions, and always doing so with friendly patience and helpful advice, made it possible for us to help our customers, and keep everyone up to speed. There are plenty of unsung heroes, and most of these are the office staff and boat crew. Manta-ray-similans-2014These guys get most of the hassle and questions without the reward of swimming alongside Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, or enjoying all the other wonderful marine life on view this season. In addition, they had to work until late at night sometimes seven days a week. It wasn’t just the five people named above. There were other friendly and helpful people dealing with us and our customers throughout the season. Micha at WetZone and all the team at Sea Bees took great care of our day trip divers, all of whom reported professional and friendly service from beginning to end. A big, big thank you to you all.

Finally, the fish! What an incredible season for the big stuff, such as the aforementioned sharks and rays. However, there were plenty of other species to swim with, photograph and enjoy alongside the boats. There were small fish, reptiles, cephalopods, and even dolphins and whales which all made the liveaboard and day trips unforgettable experiences.

The close/low season will be spent taking customers to local dive sites, including Khao Sok freshwater lake. Many boats will go in for renovations and makeovers, and the staff in Khao Lak and Phuket will enjoy a well-earned break. We at Similan Diving Tours will update our pages with new schedules, boats, some revised prices and a unique special offer, all in preparation for the new diving season which begins in mid October 2014. We’re also in the process of making website agencies for Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe and Indonesia. We don’t stop, so please contact us today for the latest information and best prices – including early bird discounts!

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