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Nadéne MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: American
Dive date: 11 February 2023
Boat rating: 10/10
My husband & I went diving for 4 days/3 nights. It was an amazing experience both the dive, the boat, the staff & just the overall way the trip & daily schedule was organized. I had never been on a liveaboard & you feel completely spoiled by how much nicer the experience is vs taking a day boat out diving. Also we saw beautiful coral, sharks, a turtle, an octopus, barracuda, seahorse & more schooling fish then I've ever seen before. more
Tanja MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: German
Dive date: 04 January 2023
Boat rating: 10/10
We can recommend the trips with MV Bavaria. The boat infrastructure is really good for diving. The crew is fantastic and the food was always delicious (vegetarian or specific food options available)
Jon Buchanan MV Bavaria
Jon Buchanan
Divers Nationality: British
Dive date: 28 December 2022
Boat rating: 9/10
Friendly staff Nothing too much trouble At any time Super safe diving Good plentiful food A German speaking boat but Almost everyone spoke good English And everyone one was very inclusive
Thomas MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: German
Dive date: 10 November 2021
Boat rating: 9/10
I had a fantastic stay on board the MV Bavaria. 6 days/6 nights. Similan to Richelieu Rock. Super crew, very helpful, perfect procedures - no hectic. Boat very well equipped. Food excellent. The only disadvantage - for me - was my cabin. Directly be hind the engine room. I would spend more money next time. Because this tour is definitely worth it. Big thanks to Jamie, he saved my holiday :-) more
Thomas MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: German
Dive date: 20 October 2021
Boat rating: 9/10
I contacted Jamie so that he could find me the best boat for a trip the Similans and/or Richelieu rock, on quite short notice, and he delivered. Showed me all the actually available options – important because not all boats that offered trips were actually going due to low occupancy, and since I had special requests. Saved me a lot of time doing the inquiries on my own, otherwise. The boat I picked (MV Bavaria) was also a good choice. Had a fun staff, with an amazing underwater photographer, and I was able to get my Advanced PADI and a Nitrox certification alongside. Everything went well beyond my expectations. I don't give this a 10-star rating because that's reserved to once-in-a-lifetime experiences for me, but there was really nothing wrong on this trip! more
Mark Welch
Divers Nationality: British
Dive date: 10 February 2021
Boat rating: 10/10
Trip 10-14 Feb 2021 🙋‍♂️ to all my diving friends and buddies and all other divers I would highly recommend you take advantage of the current unique circumstances (non or low overseas mass tourist arrivals) and to take a liveaboard diving trip to the Similan and Surin Islands (Khao Lak, Andaman Sea) 🤿 Awesome diving, sea and marine conditions are pristine and near perfect with masses of fish, marine life and corals... the highlight was spotting a black tip reef shark. Clear waters Vis 30m+ ⛴ First Class Boat the MV Bavaria is the best liveaboard, top quantity, new modern design purpose built, spacious, comfortable, gourmet food and beverages and top services provided by the very attentive boat crew and dive instructors, nothing was too much trouble at any time. 👬 I met wonderful friendly people and new friends we were all relaxed and had a great time together on the boat between and during dives. 🔥 Even better is the value for money, current liveaboard trip prices are greatly reduced from normal times and you can get a great deal now. ⭐️ Overall I would this rate this trip as outstanding 11/10 more
Jacob MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: Russian
Dive date: 10 February 2021
Boat rating: 8/10
Excellent liveaboard, run very professionally, it has everything a diver needs on board. Diving organization is great. Food is plentiful and quite tasty. Almost everything is perfect. But there is one problem. Some of the dive guides (I dived with tw o) are not the best ones. Actually, they were worse than most guides I ever dived with. I can't write all the details here since review length limit is too short. The detailed review is here: Short version is this: Bavaria guides I dived with are very passionate about small creatures like nudi branches and slugs, and think everyone else is also interested in them. Sometimes I had to swim around and wait for the guide to get a good look at some small creature which you literally can't see without a microscope. I think most divers, me included, are more interested in larger sea creatures. My trip was still great, but it's also because other, regular divers in my group showed me things a guide actually should have showed. more
Divers Nationality: British
Dive date: 06 January 2021
Boat rating: 9/10
The boat is beautiful and is quite luxurious and has everything The food is excellent and healthy The staff are lovely and make sure you feel comfortable Loved the trip and would go again ! Thank you
Massy MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: Japanese
Dive date: 30 December 2020
Boat rating: 10/10
I had a great time on this live a boat! Beautiful dive point, Kind staff, Tasty food, Everything is satisfied. Agent is kind and helpful. I would like to join in near future.Thank you!!
Patrick MV Bavaria
Divers Nationality: American
Dive date: 19 October 2019
Boat rating: 7/10
Had a great dive trip on the Bavaria. From setting the trip up with Jamie to the dive boat and the dive crew and of course the diving itself. Jamie was very helpful in setting things up and very quick to respond anytime we had questions. The dive boa t was modern and accommodations on board were comfortable and clean. The crew was great and very helpful. Our divemaster/guide Marco was very accommodating and showed us lots of neat things underwater. The food was delicious and kept us energized. The diving was excellent. Richelieu rock was absolutely an awesome dive site and lived up to its reputation. All in all I can recommend Jamie and his dive company as well as the MV Bavaria and diving in the Similans more
Bavaria Liveaboard Similan Boat
MV Bavaria
Type: Liveaboard
Departs from: Khao Lak. Phuket.
No. of guests: 24
From: 24,500
23,275 THB per diver
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